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Mute Back-Feed Terminal Wire Strip And Crimp Machine
  • Mute Back-Feed Terminal Wire Strip And Crimp Machine

Mute Back-Feed Terminal Wire Strip And Crimp Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number RS-3000T
Product Details
Wire Stripper And Crimper
Strip And Crimp
Product Description

Mute Back-Feed Terminal Wire Cable Stripping And Crimping Machine



RS-3000T is mute wire stripping and crimping machine for back-feed terminals on tape and reel. Wire insulation stripping and terminal crimping can be finished at same time.

It is suitable for multi-core data cables, power cords and other multi-core sheathed wires. The machine strips wires driven by a pneumatic cylinder, with fast action speed and accurate positioning. The scrap after stripping adopts vacuum suction method, which is clean, convenient and simple.


Machine video:






Back-feed terminals on tape and reel.

Suitable for multi-core cables, electric wires, PC cable cores, USB cable, flat ribbon cable, etc



Model RS-3000T Silent Peeling and Ending Machine
Power supply single phase 200V~240V50/60Hz
Air source 0.3~0.4mpa (please use dry and clean air)
Stripping length 1.0mm-7.0mm
Pressing capacity 3.0 Ton
Stroke 30mm
Tangential error 0.05mm-0.1mm
Position error 0.05mm-0.1mm
Efficiency 2000-2500Pcs/H
Weight 80KG
① It integrates wire stripping and end-tying operations into one continuous operation. It adopts frequency conversion control to achieve soft start and soft stop without mechanical loss.
②The cassette mold and peeling mechanism are independent, the cassette mold is easy to replace, and the peeling depth is adjustable and has strong production adaptability.
③It can be peeled and riveted independently, and can be operated automatically or manually. The time of each action can be adjusted according to the specifications of the wire and terminal.
④ Equipped with a scurf recovery device to ensure clean operation.
Wire stripping and crimping machine detail
Mute Back-Feed Terminal Wire Strip And Crimp Machine 0
Crimping samples
Mute Back-Feed Terminal Wire Strip And Crimp Machine 1

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