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Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set
  • Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set

Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set

Place of Origin china
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number RS-L608
Product Details
Ow Cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set
Auto Feed And Drive Screws
Screw Size:
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one set
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Carton box or wooden box
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5-7 days
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Product Description

Automatic Screw Feeder And Screwdriver For M2 to M6 Screws Assembling


RS-680 is a Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set.


With the air blow feeding system, you can get the next screw within 0.5 second in jaw before you move to the next fasten position. No need to pick screw, no need to put screw into drive bit and prevent rust due to hand sweating.
Meanwhile, the  screwdriver set deliver the downward force into the sleeve of screw. It is quite essential for self tapping screw and wood screw.


The automatic locking screw machine is mainly composed of two parts: 1. The feeding system sorts the screws and distributes the screws through the distributor, and the pipe sends the screws to the screwdriver. 2. Use an electric or pneumatic screwdriver to lock the screws into the locking system in the product. Compared with the locking screw action of holding the screw in one hand, holding the electric screwdriver or air screw in the other hand, the automatic lock screw machine can free one hand out, and only need a hand-held screwdriver to align the screw hole to lock the screw. After locking a screw, you only need to lift the screwdriver to align the next screw hole to lock the screw. The machine will automatically transfer a screw to the screwdriver at the moment of lifting the screwdriver, wait for the next screw to be locked, and repeat.


Screw requirement for Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set:


1. b>=1.3* D
2. Screws should be M2 to M6. 2mm<=d<=6mm
3. 3.5mm<=D<=11mm (D can be Max20mm. It should be better within 3.5-11mm.

Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set 0



Low cost Automatic Screw Feeder With Screwdriver Set

Applicable screws M2-M6
Efficiency 50-70pcs/min depend on screw length
Screw pocket volume M2 X 6 5000PCS
Speed 3-5sec/pcs
Max Torque 1-4M
Input 220V/50HZ
Power 30W
Machine size L670*W550*H610mm
Noise below 65DB
Weight 20kg


1. Convenient, one hand can be freed to support the product to be locked when screwing, and a positioning jig can be saved for small products
2. Fast, because it completely eliminates hand movement, grabbing screws, moving, screw aligning with the screwdriver and other actions, there is no waiting time at all, just align the screw holes and lock the screws.
3. Clean, because the action of removing the screw by hand is omitted, it will not cause secondary pollution to the product due to the stain produced when removing the screw by hand, and the screw will be stained by sweat and make it more rusty.


Working conditions:

1, Screw specification requirements:
The screw length should be over 1.3 times greater than the screw cap’s diameter.

If the screw cap is greater than the screw length, the screw cap may come out first, because the screw will turn over during feeding screws.

The screw length should be less than 45mm.


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